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The role of media in this age of science and technology has increased considerably. To make ones presence felt and to know the happenings around the world, it is very important to keep in touch with the modern means of communication. Advancement in electronic gadgets has bolstered the process of information transfer. Television, computers, Internet broadband etc have become essential components of media today. Internet being one of the wonderful inventions of the modern world has become part and parcel of our social, cultural, political and educational life. It has gained immense importance in education, economics, travel and tourism or any other field of life. Internet provides quick and real time information.Read More



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Our Methodology is strictly Quran and Sunnah as understood  and practised by the salaf i saaliheen i.e the pious predecessors. We aim to organise youth and cordinate efforts to bring the deeni consciousness in people thus doing our part in the revival of Islam as a complete way of life

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