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    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba J&K Current Leadership- 2018

    Br. Aabid Yousuf

    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba J&K

    Malik Owais
    Br. Malik Owais

    General Secretary
    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba J&K

    Message From Nazim-e-A'ala


    One of the formidable challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah today is to preserve the real Islamic identity and discourse. The times we live in are full of fitna and Muslim youths are the prime target. Multiple attempts are made to preempt or thwart the process of Islamic awakening started in the early years of 20th century by Muslim revivalists. The adversaries of Islamic awakening tried a lot to thwart this process by military means but failed. After the military campaigns aimed at rooting out the faith from the hearts and minds of its adherents failed, new strategies were employed. Now the weapons used to thwart the Islamic awakening are not B-52 bombers or F16 fighter jets alone. Today the most potent weapon used by enemies of Islam is “CONFUSION” and “IMMORALITY”. Confusion is being created with respect to the Prophetic Model and the symbols of Islam. While at the same time, Muslim youth are being lured into immoral practices. All these attempts have negatively worked against the interests of Ummah and threaten to arrest the noble process of Islamic awakening.


    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba J&K Leadership From 1977

    Abid Yousuf


    On 2nd Dec 2018, during the all state members gathering, Abid yousuf was elected as IJT's head for t...

    Umar Sultan


    On 21st July 2014, during the ‘all state members gathering’, Umar Sultan was elected as...

    Wahid Bashir


    Wahid Bashir was nominated as the head of IJT on July 29 2012 during the ‘all state members ga...

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    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba

    Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba is a representative organization of the student community of Jammu and Kashmir. The organization came into being in 1977, and since then it is working among students of the state, trying for their personality development in the light of teachings of Quran and prophet Muhammad (PHUB). IJT is wedded to the cause of refurbishing the character of youth, especially students and has been instrumental in regenerating the deen consciousness and moral sense among them. IJT is equally engaged in channelizing the youth potential in positive development of the society.

    ففروا الی اللہ
    (So Rush Towards Allah)

    Payam e Talaba

    "PAYAM E Talaba, popular monthly in-house Urdu journal carries articles on Islamic ethics, politics, education, Muslim world and students affairs"

    Why Choose us?

    Modus Operandi

    The leading light in all the human affairs shall be tht Book of Allah and His Prophet's (PBUH) sayings. In order to attain its goal IJT will employ all positive,transparent and constructive means and also use education, awareness, propagation and advice and modern means of communicaton.
    IJT will co-ordinate with all other student organizations of the state on the basis of Quranic injunction.


    1. To invite students towards Islam and generate Islamic consciousness among them.
    2. To provide economic counseling to students in general and unemployed youth in particular
    3. To encourage students to practice Islam in letter and spirit and mould themselves in real Islamic character.
    4. To impress upon them to have an in depth study of Islam as well as modern sciences.
    5. To help develop their educaitonal, ideological, intellectual, phusical, moral and econimic standard beneficial for humanity at large.
    6. To acquaint and save them from the evil effects of Western educaitonal philosophy.
    7. To make use of the youths' potentialities in the way of Maroof (positive, right) and extirpation of Munkar (negative, wrong)
    8. To carry Islmaic message to non-Muslim students through positive means and help clear their doubts about Islam.
    9. Use Social Media and other modern means of communication to propagate message of Islam BECAUSE
    10. IJT seeks pleasure of almighty Allah and wants to become helper of Allah in the way of establishment of Deen.
    11. It tries to create a pious and pure society and wishes to inculcate Islamic norms in the younger generation.
    12. So, come and join the caravan of Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba and attain the choicest blessings of Allah(SWT)
    May Allah help us in this venture(Ameen)

    Active Politics

    Ijt believes that Islam is a complete code of life. It provides divine guidance in all aspects of life including politics. Islam should be the guiding principle in Muslim politics but being a student organization, IJT does not take part in active politics

    Social Work

    IJT takes active part in social work by helping people in need, especially students to carry on their education.